Remember how a cold turn your world upside down? You went directly to your mom to tell her how sick you are at that particular moment because of a dreaded cold. Oh yes, cold can become a nightmare at times.  And yet, your mother will just say these words to you “Drink some water”.

The situation above might seem familiar to you. One way or another, you’ve had those moments. Surprising and frustrating split seconds. You were expecting a medicine yet she would advise you to just to drink plenty amount of water.

Yet, unknown to many, the water that sometimes ignored has uncountable benefits to the body.

Here’s a fact that you shouldn’t miss:  your body can endure three weeks without food but it’s totally a different case when it comes to water. Your body won’t be able to endure three days without water.

Have you ever thought why?

The fact that your body is composed of more than 60 % liquid. And just simply understanding that your muscle, which is something that you’ve been working hard on, is comprised of 80% water can explain why. The truth is, the most ignored and somehow the cheapest form of medicine is just right inside your tumbler bottle.

Here’s how drinking water and staying hydrated is a must to achieve good health;

  1. Cold Remedy

Running down with a flu, runny nose and uncomfortable feeling brought by a cough? Chances are you’ll become dehydrated when a cold hit you, so your body will be needing water more than what it needs. And, the best way to easily get back to your normal self is through replacing lost fluids.

  1. Helps you achieve your dream body

Weight loss is the new in. Especially when your goal is to speed up your metabolism? Drinking water is the sure way. Good tip: Drink a glass or ample of water before meals. Through this way, you’ll feel much full.

  1. Water for less Stress

Have you experience feeling thirsty when stressed out? Truth is, when you are mentally exhausted, you’ll be dehydrated. And mind you, your brain tissue is actually almost composed of water.

  1. Secret to staying beautiful

No wonder why young-looking skin looks more beautiful. And you don’t need to spend much money on super expensive brands. Counter aging by staying hydrated through water.

  1. May Aid in treating Kidney Stones

Although there were not much research and proof as to how water can treat kidney stones or urinary stones, still frequent water intake appears to lessen the risk of kidney stone formation.

  1. A form of energy booster

Drinking water when too sleepy or tired could give an extra boost to the body as the water can help your blood carry oxygen to your cells and can better help your heart pump blood.

  1. Constipation no more

Irregular bowel movement can be stressful especially when you have an important date.

Through drinking enough water daily can lead to better bowel movement as it helps your colon to pass digested particles.

  1. May help those suffering from Arthritis

Water can lubricate the joints which is really needed for people with Arthritis. The burden from joint friction can also lessen through drinking enough water depending on the body’s need.

  1. Medicine for Headaches

Some studies have showed that drinking water can ease migraines and headaches. Unknowingly, being dehydrated can stir up migraines and headaches. So, stay hydrated for less headaches.

  1. Leads to a better sleep

Trouble falling asleep? Maybe you are water deprived. Through drinking enough water, your body can wash out toxins and helps in repairing itself as you sleep. Plus the fact that your brain is 85 % water, no question as to why drinking water is a must for you. So, to get a good night sleep, drink enough water for the entire day.

These are just ten out of seem to be uncountable benefits of water to one’s body so ditch your idea of expensive treatment and medicine just to be healthy, and start with one of the most precious commodities we have as of the moment.

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