With all the task to perform at work and in personal life, we tend to leave out sleep. Some people treat sleep as a barrier, since it lessens our time of productivity, we deprive ourselves from 8-7 hours of inactivity.

 Yet, sleep isn’t something we have to put less priority with. Because lack of sleep can put your health in a dangerous situation.

It’s important to know how important sleep is and how many hours of sleep we need. So, we listed some facts regarding sleep;

1. Catching up for a lost sleep shouldn’t just happen overnight.

                Of course, you need to compensate your body for those sleepless nights. But one mistake people do is that they try to sleep for the whole day, weekend, or vacation to make up for the lost sleep. This is not a good way to deal with it. Instead of doing it overnight, make it a point to add extra hours on your sleeping habit for several weeks or months.

2. Sleep deprivation can weaken your immunity.

                Wonder why you easily get a flu or a cold? It’s because you’re not getting enough sleep. When you are sleep deprived for a period of time, it can weaken your immune system.

3. Sleep deficiency leads to Anxiety and Depression.

                In a conducted survey in the US have shown that people with anxiety and depression sleeps less than 6 hours at night. And you might have been in a situation when you became so irritated and moody because of a short amount of sleep. This explain why sleeping can boost mental wellness.

4. Lack of sleep can lead to chronic diseases.

Diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases ̶ these are just few effects of prolong sleep deprivation associated with unhealthy eating, sedentary life and lack of exercise.

5. Too much sleep is not a good thing as well.

When it comes to sleep, enough is important. Less and more is not appropriate. Oversleeping can also have the same effect on our body just as how sleep deprivation is. This can also lead to chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases even death.

6. Having a quality and enough sleep can boost performance and productivity.

                Productivity is inclined to having a good night sleep. You’ll feel refreshed and motivated to work when you feel renewed right after waking up in the morning. Feeling tired and irritable right after waking up means you are not getting a daily dose of sleep.

7. Microsleep is uncontrollable.

                Prolong sleep deprivation can form an uncontrollable habit which is Microsleep. It happens when you suddenly feel like you doze off even if you are awake. Some people are not aware that they briefly sleep. This could lead to harmful situation especially when driving.

8. Feeling tired and sleepy right after waking up is a sign of not enough sleep.

Some might need seven to eight hours of sleep in a day. Others might need more or lesser than that.  Want to know when you are getting enough and quality sleep? It’s when you feel much energized, no need for a nap and waking up without the sound of an alarm. But, seven to nine hours is still the recommended sleeping duration.

Sleep shouldn’t just be a privilege nor something that we should put less value. Through sleep, we are giving enough time for our body to repair itself and renew our loss strength so we can face the next day with enough energy. 

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