Aiming for Gender Balance in the Organization

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In pursuit of their Gender and Development (GAD) goals as mandated in the Magna Carta of Women, the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) organized a two-day gender empowerment training workshop last June 3-4, 2019 at the DAP Conference Center in Tagaytay City.

Over 30 members from different DAP departments and branches attended the training entitled “Gender and Development Training on Gender Sensitivity: Balancing Work Productivity and Family Life,” spearheaded by the Director of Human Development Program, Ms. Dorothea Boy-Navarro and in cooperation with the Human Resource Department of the organization.

Ms. Dorothea C. Boy-Navarro giving her insight with the group

Invited resource speaker Richard David Tamayo, international motivational speaker and faculty member of FAME Leaders’ Academy (FLA), discussed the importance of improving the well-being, mental health and enhanced EQ (emotional quotient) of both male and female employees to enhance workplace harmony and improve productivity.

FLA is a learning provider of well designed and customized training programs for working professionals in both personal and professional levels. One of its core programs is dedicated to providing GAD training programs and workshops to local and national government agencies in the country.

Tamayo said that knowing that women with high emotional intelligence and social connection have more self-confidence and higher morale that help boost their performance as co-equal of men in achieving the goals of an organization, and in nation building as a whole.

Member of the Group 2 from different departments and branches of DAP

The workshop also tackled how to heal one’s psychological and emotional wounds caused by hurtful and unjust actions of others, which may be discriminatory in nature. The act of understanding and forgiving, while positively asserting one’s rights can be empowering both to the forgiver and the one being forgiven. The resulting harmony benefits everyone, especially the organization itself.

The workshop was highly engaging, consisting of interactive activities. The participation of the audience kept the energy high throughout the two-day workshop.

The training-workshop was just the first of what is planned to be a series of workshops and comprehensive program for DAP employees as they aim for a more gender-neutral organization conducive to a goal-oriented and collaborative performance of all employees, regardless of gender. Christine Ilagan


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