Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Quotient

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By Richard David Tamayo

Emotional Intelligence is one of the amazing gifts we were born with. The other gifts are, namely:

• Physical intelligence – provided the best environment we have a body that has the remarkable ability to heal itself and the potential to last 120 years healthy and strong!
• Mental intelligence – the ability to understand, reason, analyze, and imagine creatively!
• Spiritual intelligence – the capacity to discern right from wrong, delight in truth, choose to overcome evil with good and lead a life that is aligned with universal and timeless principles that govern life and happiness.

Emotional Intelligence or EI is the human attribute or ability to experience emotions – from the highest joy to the deepest pain, from the grandest feeling down to the least. It is the human capacity to be able to perceive, understand, manage, and express these emotions as we relate ourselves and with others. And it includes the magnificent ability to build, develop, and experience the richest, deepest, and happiest relationships.

EQ or Emotional Quotient, on the other hand, is the measure of how well or how poor we use this amazing gift of Emotional Intelligence that we’re born with. EQ is the degree of a person’s healthy or unhealthy management of their Emotional Intelligence.

So again, Emotional Intelligence or EI is the amazing ability we have from birth while Emotional Quotient, or EQ refers to how well or poor we are making use of our ability of Emotional Intelligence.

Imagine the steering wheel of a Formula 1 racing car. Do you know how fast this car is? It can go up to 372km/hr. Can you guess how much an F1 costs? About 10 million dollars! Wow!! That’s really expensive!

Now imagine you were promoted in your work as a supervisor and the company car given for your use is this expensive, state-of-the-art F1 racing car. How fast will you be able to drive it?

Probably 100 to 130 km per hour. Any faster than that you’re afraid you might get a heart attack. Does that mean that’s the fastest the car can go? Of course not! It can go a lot faster but with your limited driving ability, it’s amazing capability is not achieved. There’s nothing wrong with the racing car. It’s your driving ability that is the issue.

In the same manner we have this incredible gift of EI. It’s incredible because this ability is powered by our brain which has over one hundred billion neurons and more than one hundred trillion synapses or bridges. Your brain can perform an estimated 10 quadrillion operations per second without even you knowing it.

Our brain processes thousands of millions of electrical nerve impulses that travel across the neurons at the speed of up to 120 meters per second.

Yes, humans have this attribute of EI and all the other important intelligences powered by our brain that is infinitely more capable than the most powerful supercomputer in the world.

A few years ago, a team of Japanese researchers decided to simulate the human brain using the fourth fastest supercomputer in the world at the time of the challenge.

Guess what? With more than 83,000 super processors and 1.4 million GB of RAM running at full capacity for forty minutes, the supercomputer managed to simulate only 1 percent of total brain activity of one single second. It blows the mind when you realize that the “40-minute operation required 1 PetaByte of memory, the equivalent to 250,000 ordinary computers.”

Your brain is amazing! It is awesome! Your brain contains more connections than there are stars in the Milky Way — more connections than there are galaxies in space!

It is the most complex object known to science.

As such, no person or individual born with a normally functioning brain is emotionally unintelligent! The question is not, “Are you emotionally intelligent or not but how well or how poor are you using and managing this amazing ability that you have as a human being?”

Sadly, when we lack the skill and wisdom on how to use our Emotional Intelligence – several unhealthy signs show up such as the following:

• Getting stressed out easily
• Unable to handle pressure
• Quickly getting into a lot of arguments
• Hastily jumping to conclusions
• Holding grudges
• Often feeling misunderstood
• Easily offended
• Difficulty in listening to others
• Blaming others for mistakes
• Sudden emotional outbursts
• Difficulty maintaining relationships
• Difficulty to move on

And most alarming is that we double our chance of experiencing depression, anxiety, and addiction.

In short, when our EQ is performing low due to lack of skill and wisdom to use our human attribute of EI, we will tend to be less happy, less effective, and less successful.

But rightly trained and informed, we will be developing and growing towards our fullest potential, becoming the happiest and healthiest individuals we can be, and making significant impact in the lives of people around us.

How do we begin?

We start with self-affirmations which are true about us and at the same time evidence-based and scientific.

Declare the following statements every single day with all of your heart:

• I am gifted with a wonderful and amazing brain!
• I am blessed with a brain that outperforms the world’s most advanced supercomputer.
• I am endowed with full and amazing Emotional Intelligence!
• I am endowed with the ability to enjoy the deepest love!
• I am gifted with the ability to appreciate what is delightful and true.
• I am blessed with the capacity for the deepest, richest, and happiest relationships.
• I have infinite potential.
• I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
• Rightly trained and aligned with timeless principles, what my mind can conceive, I can achieve!

Start boosting your EQ by doing this simple but very important practice. Remember that the above statements are already true of you.

You can only consistently behave in way that is consistent with the way you perceive yourself. Therefore, as you live more aligned with the amazing truths about yourself the more successful and happier you will be.

“Rightly trained and aligned with timeless principles, what my mind can conceive, I can achieve!”


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