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By Christine Angela Ilagan

Living a life away from diseases and treating an illness aren’t always in the form of drugs and pills.Most often than not, the best medicine one should intake regularly is just in the shape of a better lifestyle. And this is what Lifestyle Medicine (LM) can do.

It is a form of medicine that can fight off illnesses without risking way too much money, reducing the risk of side effects and can actually offers rewarding benefits when manage properly.

Unlike the conventional medicine that concerns more on diagnosing the symptoms, LM deals the other way around. It offers a different style.

Unique treatment approach

To better understand what Lifestyle Medicine is, versus the conventional medicine, consider this: Lifestyle Medicine focuses in your overall well-being. Hence, it’s definitely “you” who should be taking full control of your own body.How one manages stress, living an active life, eating healthy meals, maintaining good relationship, quitting smoking and even having a good night sleep.

Contrary to conventional medicine which focuses more on the sickness, healing the root cause of the disease is what Lifestyle Management sole purpose is. As our health lies within all aspect of life whether emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally as well as relationship.

Lifestyle Management benefits

Lifestyle Management is way cheaper than any form of out-of-the counter drugs out there. It’s a readily accessible medicine which can fight off diseases without the risk of side-effects, and in the long run results to better way of living.

Yet, even if it’s one of the most important form of medicine, it’s also one of the most ruled out form of medicine.

Keep in mind that how you manage your day-to-day life plays a key role in achieving good health, fighting off diseases and living a long life.

To be able to understand what Lifestyle Medicine deals with, here’s what it pays particular attention to;

What Lifestyle Management covers

The good thing about Lifestyle Management is that it covers almost all areas from personal down to emotional being.

Stress Management

Stress plays a big factor that contributes to unhealthiness and sickness. Even anxiety is becoming a trend. So, breath out and take time to relieve stress. Managing stress better through lifestyle Management approaches will go a long way.


Food is medicine but the food that we eat nowadays are no longer that fresh and healthy. Choosing whole grain, fiber-filled, veggies, and plant-based food are what is needed.

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Sleeping Management

Enough sleep plays a major role in recovering from certain illnesses and similarly, it strengthens ones’ immune system.


Take time to move and be active. Take a walk every day, go jogging, dance, brisk walking, and by any means that your body will get moving is vital in attaining good health.

Quit Smoking

Heart disease, chronic pulmonary and chronic disease, risk of cancers particularly the horror of having lung cancer are the underlying effects of smoking.Easy as it might seem to be,individual effort might be unmotivating and difficult, lifestyle management coaches and doctors can work hand in hand to give tips, approaches and principle to deal with it effectively.


People are emotionally inclined. Studies have shown that people with strong relationship and support can lead to a better quality of life.

What a great way to start being healthy and to enjoy life while learning what Lifestyle Management entails. And it’s never too late to begin regardless of your age.


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