Here’s Why It’s Important Take Good Care of the Mind and Body

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Here’s Why It’s Important Take Good Care of the Mind and Body

Oftentimes, we mistakenly perceive good health as just having a healthy body. However, good health doesn’t simply mean a healthy body, but also a healthy mind. 

If your mental condition is not well taken care of, it can negatively affect your physical health. And In the same way, having a poor physical state can lead to mental health problems. 

Here’s lists of reasons why we should both take our mind and our body to consideration; 

1. Mental Health plays a crucial role in maintaining Good Health

Your body hears what your Mind says. If you keep on telling your body that you’re weak, chances are you’ll be.

The power of the brain can totally influence your overall feelings. Even the daily stresses you encounter can cause or even worsen illnesses if not handled properly.

This is why people who experience high level of stress are more likely to catch colds, develop acid refluxes, and even hypertensions. Some research suggests constant and high level of stress can even lead to depression. 

Depression and anxiety on the other hand, has a direct impact on a person’s mood and can even weakens one’s immune system. 

2. Having a healthier mind and body can help you express your emotions well

The state of the body and the mind has a significant link with a person’s behavior, emotions, actions and decision making.

Having a good balance with mind and body will help you to be more aware of your emotions well. Once you feel good mentally and physically, this can result to a healthy relationship.

Thus, improper management of mental and emotional health can also weaken the immune system. 

4. A healthier mind and body can result to a more productive work

A healthy mind and body can drive productivity. When you feel good on the inside, it drives you to accomplish more task. 

Along with the study conducted by UK-based insurer Vitality Group, Cambridge University and Charles university founds out that Mental health, job characteristics and physical health have immense impact in the employee’s productivity.

Lifestyle choices such as having good mental health, good diet, exercise, drinking enough amount of water, as well as getting a good night sleep, particularly leads you to be more productive.

Whether it’s for productivity, relationship and well-being, it’s important to remind yourself that physical health is also as important as mental health.

Mental, emotional and physical health matter. Abusing and neglecting mind over the body will just make each aspect suffers. Christine Angela Ilagan


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