Payments should be made thru bank or Gcash transfer/ deposit through:          

  • Deposit through BDO :

            Account Name: FAME, Inc.

            Account number: 001450024147

  • Deposit through Security Bank

            Account Name: FAME, Inc. 

            Account number: 0512021383001

  • Pay with GCASH :

GCASH : 0917 8837 597

Once paid, reply to this email with the attachment of scanned copy of your Deposit Slip or the screenshot of Gcash transfer indicating the following:

  • Full name and title of the webinar you paid for

  • BDO/ SECURITY BANK/ GCASH transfer date

NOTE: We strictly implement the NO REFUND POLICY. We also reserve the authority and right to change the date/schedule of the Webinar workshop when unforeseen events happen.