Terms and Conditions


We, FAME Leaders’ Academy value our clients’ and participants’ right to privacy under R.A. 10173 or also known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012. Thus, we ensure that the information you provide to us is protected.

The information we collected will solely be used in accordance with the privacy statement and also as a means to verify the authenticity of the details collected.


To avail the FAME Leaders’ Academy’s workshop and Webinar, the participants agree and accept the following terms and conditions.


1. Each participant is valid to one (1) account and one (1) computer upon accessing the webinar. In case the agency requested to watch the webinar with the whole group or team, they may do so upon mutual agreement with the webinar provider (FLA) and the client.
2. Each participant accepts and acknowledges that once payment has been sent, it’s no longer refundable under any circumstances unless the training provider (FLA) rescheduled or postponed the webinar.
3. Each participant webinar link (login/passwords) given after payment should not be forwarded on to third parties. Sending the link to other parties may impede your own access to the webinar session.
4. Registrants will receive a post-webinar email that contains updates and certificates if provided by the training provider.
5. Webinars are facilitated online. In this regard, the participants should secure their internet connection, software, and proper tools to be able to access the webinar link and to lessen technical problems the participants might encounter upon joining the webinar.
6. The webinar platform may vary upon the client’s request.
7. Each participant acknowledges that FLA shall collect their information for the sole purpose of verifying the authenticity of the details collected.
8. Each participant registration will be on a first come first serve basis.
9. Each participant agrees that accessing the webinar is their own initiative.