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In a fast-paced and dynamic environment, leaders are expected to learn how to be more effective, not only efficient, in achieving their goals. But while many achieve success in the workplace, this can impose a huge toll on other aspects of their lives, including one’s health, emotional and spiritual well-being, family, and other relationships. The FAME Leaders’ Academy aims to equip leaders and potential leaders in their respective fields with a holistic concept of leadership and success that can be truly empowering

By Gelyka Ruth Dumaraos
Photos By Ramir G. Cambiado

The definition of success varies depending what perspective one wishes to look at it from. Frequently, society’s measure of success is based on one’s material accomplishments, positions and titles attained, or awards garnered. But every one knows people who may have accomplished all these things, but may be a miserable failure at home; likewise physically and spiritually.

A seamless balance between workplace and home, and other spheres of one’s life is therefore of utmost importance. The FAME Leaders’ Academy (FLA) was established as a platform to assist people of various persuasions and careers achieve their highest potential, and be holistically successful.

FLA, a division of FAME Inc., is a leading learning provider for organizations to develop their people’s skills both at the personal and professional levels, molding them to handle the challenges of their careers while maintaining the right balance in the various aspects of their lives.

One of FLA’s flagship training programs is lifestyle and medical training courses geared towards improving one’s health and wellness through understanding lifestyle diseases and how it can be prevented through healthy lifestyle changes and interventions on top of conventional treatments.

“Lifestyle Medicine is now an evolving field in Medicine,” says Dr. Blecenda Miranda Varona, one of the core faculty of FLA, and the founder of the Asian Institute of Lifestyle Medicine. She has helped improve the health and wellness of over 100,000 people all over the world. She has authored several books, lifestyle medicine web-based applications, and various health and wellness programs.

She leads the FLA faculty in the seminars and hand-on workshops on healthy dietary interventions that can help control, on top of conventional medical treatment, various lifestyle diseases including hypertension, diabetes and cancers.

This is FLA’s contribution to the global call for public and private institutions to work together inn lowering the mortality rates brought by lifestyle diseases that continue to plague a large part of the world including the Philippines.

Unhealthy workplace practices can also contribute in the development of lifestyle diseases. According to Hudson Pelayo, FLA dean, their training modules and workshops incorporate lifestyle medicine as an essential therapeutic tool in addition to drug treatment and offer a more holistic management of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and other lifestyle diseases.

“Drug treatment is needed in most cases,” says Pelayo, “but an effectively implemented lifestyle intervention on top of drug and/or surgical treatment is a more naturally oriented and rational holistic management approach,” he explains.

Training programs under lifestyle medicine cover topics on exercises, hydration, sleep health and basic nutrition, alcohol and smoking prevention, emotional health, spiritual health, and managing stress.

Achieving one’s highest potential

Every executive, manager or even ordinary worker should be equipped with an understanding of how to do more through strategies on finding the balance of work and play.

Richard Tamayo, a passionate international motivational speaker and life/career coach, gives practical pointers on how to develop effective habits towards better effectivity, and success in the workplace, while maintaining better and more meaningful relationships in both professional and personal lives.

Faculty member Richard David Tamayo discusses principle—based leadership

Tamayo has helped people experience powerful breakthroughs through principle-centered and highly interactive seminar workshops. His lectures involve personal development, emotional wellness, family and relationship improvement, stress management, team building, and leadership. Tamayo has inspired audiences in the United States, Canada, and Asia.

Enhancing skills

Since FAME, Inc. is primarily a communication company, training people to be better communicators, both in written and verbal forms, FLA has also designed a special workshop geared in empowering current and would-be leaders to hone their confidence in front of a big audience. “In this highly-competitive and ever-changing business environment, leaders can take a step ahead by mastering the art of public speaking,” says Pelayo.

In its high-impact public speaking training program, leaders get to know the basics of writing manuscripts for speeches, overcoming the fear in public speaking which includes stress and anxiety, as well as breathing controls, warm-up exercise before a presentation, and visual aids.

Pelayo explains that FLA ’s well-designed training seminars and workshops are distinctly customized to suit each organization’s requirements.

In all its courses and programs, Pelayo is confident that the participants can gain knowledge, skills and best practices which they can readily apply in both professional and personal settings. “We aim to make them discover their full potential as creative, dynamic, productive, and holistically healthy individuals,” he says.


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