Tips for A Good Sleep

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Healing and recovery can happen when you have good sleep.

-Blecenda Varona, DRPH, FACLM, DIPIBLM, RND, MPH

Ever wonder why there are times when you already had eight hours of sleep yet still feel tired and sleepy after waking up in the morning?

The culprit might be your unproper way of sleeping.

So, with that, keep your eyes busy reading as you unfold the tips in order to get a good sleep;

  1. Turn the lights off and opt for a total darkness. If it is not possible, use an eye mask. An eye mask worn at night can help deepen darkness and protect against disturbing light. Choose a mask that is soft, comfortable, and flexible.

  2. Sleep in a cool room and comfortable bed.

  3. Make sure to go to bed and get up at the same time each day. Maintain a regular schedule as possible for going to bed, getting up, eating and exercising. The body flourishes on regular rhythms.

  4. Avoid caffeine such as coffee, cola, tea, and caffeinated energy drinks especially before going to bed.

  5. Don’t use alcohol as a sedative. It makes the brain restless later in night.

  6. Exercise early in the morning or late in the afternoon, but no less than three hours before bedtime. Walking is still the best exercise: 30 minutes a day. Exercise relaxes, restores energy, helps banish depression, and combats nervous tension. Being physically active at daytime can lead to good sleep at night time.

  7. Exercise regularly. It may be the best medicine of all for ensuring a good night’s rest. It reduces stress and provides a pleasant physical fatigue that helps you sleep more soundly.

  8. Take frequent breaks during the workday. Walk around, get a drink of water, have some deep breaths.

  9. Breakfast in the morning can provide your body’s energy. Always remember to eat a good breakfast. Eat the evening meal at least four hours before bedtime. An empty, resting stomach is more conducive to quality rest.

  10. Try a lukewarm (not hot) bath. It is a helpful relaxation technique.

  11. Manage your stress properly. Emotional stress can also be reduced by handling disturbing problems earlier in the day.

  12. Don’t wait till bedtime to bring up problems.

  13. Count your blessing. Fill the mind with gratitude and thanksgiving. A clear conscience and a grateful mind are wonderful pillows to sleep on.


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